KJA Board Meeting Minutes August 17 2011

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Kentucky Jailer Association

Board Meeting

August 17, 2011


1.       Call Meeting to Order-  Meeting called to order at 10:08 pm

2.       Opening prayer Rick Riley

3.       Pledge of Allegiance lead by Jailer Ron Herrington

4.       Roll Call

Members Absent: Jailers Greg Buckler, James Miller (first  time missing a board meeting since being a board Member) and Mike Harris.

5.       Approval of Previous Minutes:  First Rip Riley, Second  Ken Kells- Motion Carries  

6.       Treasurer Report:  In James Miller’s absent, President Mike Simpson gave a report.  All the monies have been transferred from Northern Kentucky to Rockcastle County.  The Associations CDs remain in Northern Kentucky.  Other monies were left in the checking account so that Greg could pay some outstanding bills. No questions were asked by the members.

7.       Old Business

a.       Contracts:


i.                     Renee Craddock contract: all signatures have been signed.  Contract is here if anyone wants to look over. A copy will be available for any Board member who wishes to see the contract.

ii.                   Donna Miller contract: In the previous board meeting, the board discussed how they wanted to proceed moving forward. No contract has ever been made between her and the association.  The actual contract has now been signed.  The Executive Board (EB) recommendation is that we continue to work with Donna as our conference coordinator.  At the previous meeting of the Association, the board gave the executive board the authority to speak with Donna about a contract.

First by Ricky Parnell,  Second by Bobby Waits.  No concerns about the issue.  Motion carries.

Jailer Joe Blue:  Is there any way we can see what the total hotel package is prior to the Business Meeting so we can review to make a more informed decision?  Donna is happy to forward the proposal prior to the Business meetings.

Jailer Terry Carl:  Are we getting the best rate for these hotels, are we getting too many side package? 

Donna will forward proposals to the board prior to the meetings.

iii.                Brad McLean Contract:  It is the recommendation of the executive board to hire Brad McLean to fill the lobbyist position within the association.  Motion to make an offer. Motion to negotiate with Brad a year contact with a motion by Barry Brady, Second by Mike Humphrey.  Motion Carries

iv.                 2013 Summer Conference Issue:  We were tentatively slated to go back to Bowling Green, however some issues came up at the end of the conference that the Executive Board felt need to be addressed prior to signing a contract.  Donna contacted the Holiday Inn; they have now changed management  and have agreed to fix all the concerns we have.   They have given the association in writing the ability to fix them.  Motion to sign the contract. Mike Humphrey, Second by Ricky Parnell. 

QUESTIONS: Changes that were made to the contract?  Breakfast Coupons were supposed to be in the registration.  Didn’t happen for a couple of days and breakfast was put on bills.  Always have a hospitality suite.   Vendors need a bigger room.   Alcohol is now bought by vendors through the hotel and the hotels cost.  Vendors can now by at the hotel cost, food and alcohol.   Room rates$ 130 single, $145 for double. Jailer Terry Carl expressed his concern about high prices with parking. Jailer  Barry Brady will vendors supply bartenders.  Up to the vendors to choice their own bartenders. Jailers expressed that they do not want to be squeezed for tips.  Training staff the KJA pays for the rooms.  Motion Carried.

v.                   COMMITTEE REPORTS

a.Webpage - The company currently hosting our website and email is getting out of the website business. Pat Crowley contacted Jailer Ed Prindle with a website hosting company by the name of Systems Insight. They have put together a  proposal to redesign and host our webpage.  The new webpage will have the ability to host a “members only” section where we can post vital information.

Questions: Will the new website be up before session:  It would be really close by we cannot promise it will happen. Motion by Jailer Mike Humphrey and second by Jailer Rip Wright : The motion included that Jailer Ed Prindle will be the project manager.  Pat Crowley will also be able to work on the web.  He feels that is part of his role. We could even sale KJA logo materials on the website with our logo.  We can bring in Revenue from advertising.  The associate membership that we charge actually help pay for the webpage.  Associate membership dues cover the website.  Motion carries.

b. Fall Conference- The conference will be hosted in Boone County.  You may find the agenda on the KJA website.  Dinner plans, special entertainment.  Thursday we will have lunch with Vendors, training, and hospitality rooms. The hotel is very nice.  Everything is right there.   Encourage everyone to make room reservations.  If you did not have registration booklets, Ed had some available.

C. Training Curriculum- Joe Blue- Training Cmte met in Madisonville and Frankfort.  We are going to do the top 13 items of the training suggestions that were given back by the membership. The members also asked if handouts were available and the curriculum committee has passed that along to each of the presenters.  Working with KACo and Brian Roy.  Training schedule will be out soon.  Next three weeks will submit to DLG for training hours. 16 total hours.


vi.                 Other Committee Notes


·         Be sure to contact Ed and confirm who is on the committee?    

·         By laws committee still studying by-law changes and will report at the fall conference.

·         On scholarship requirements you must do a criminal background check.  As Chairman of Committee meet and discuss what you would recommend as protocol.


vii.               New Business

a.       Purchase of Audio Equipment- Does the membership feel there is a need to purchase audio equipment? Renee will check out all options available.  Donna will work with contract to get it for free.  Together they will report back to the committee at our next board meeting.

b.      KJA  Audit-  A bylaw changed would be in order to let an outside group audit the books as we change treasurers.

c.       Member Directory- all information in regards to the Member Directory must be turned into Renee no later than September 2.  Regardless of how many times you have completed the form. Please do so one more time. Thanks

d.      MAC Update- Had another meeting with the Governor’s office.   Phil Hazel and Mike Simpson were in attendance.  Unfortunately, the Governor was unable to attend, but all his Representatives were present.   The Governor’s Office has committed to keeping the line of communication open with our county organizations.

e.      HB 463- Send your top 2-4 issues clearly stated to Renee.  At that point we can categorize what things we may need to change. Don’t forget to adopt a jailer and bring them to the meeting.

f.        Communicating and Building a Team:  Approaching your fiscal courts.  They don’t here from anybody else.   We do not go on a statewide campaign.  We

work locally with Judges and Fiscal Courts to stand arm and arm with us.  Let’s focus on HB 463.  Get the conversations started. Like to have information so they can take it to their magistrates and fiscal courts.  This will grow and all of sudden they are going to start hearing about the issues of county jails.  We do enough and we will be heard.  Let’s not leave the meetings today and not do this.   Do it and make a joint effort of working with our Judges and Magistrates.

g.       Nicholas County Jailer is now the Sheriff a new Nicholas County jailer will be appointed soon.

h.      Can we have a committee to study closed jail standards. Joani Jenkins nominated to chair the committee.  Jerry, Ken Kells, and Larry work hard on the issue to have something by October 26.


viii.              Motion to adjourn.





Submitted by:


_______________________                                           _______________________


Renee Craddock                                                                       date




Approved by:


______________________                                                             _________________________

Mike Simpson, President                                                     date


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