KJA Board Meeting Minutes October 26, 2011

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Kentucky Jailers Association

Official Board Minutes

October 26, 2011

I.                    Call to Order. 

a.       The meeting was called to order at 9:28 am. 

b.      Prayer Given by Jailer Rick Wright

c.       Pledge of Allegiance.

II.                  Introduction of Special Guest Chairman John Tilley- Jailer Brad Boyd

a.       Remarks from Chairman Tilley in regards to HB 463.  No prepared speech.  In fact, he would like to give an update on things as they stand.  Concerns that go far beyond any recent legislation.   As the landscape continues to change we have to keep the lines of communication open.  Of the 116 sections in the bill there are 3 or 4 that need to be tweaked.  HB 463 is a work in progress.  We have shown now that we will take action.  Confident we have a good grasp on the concerns of county jails.   One of the things Chairmen Tilley has learned is that Jails are in a tough spot. Need to work on Risk Assessment tool that was crafted by the Judicial Branch.

January 1-  Mandatory Supervision takes effect and there will be inmates released under mandatory supervision.  As of October 26, 2011 the jail population is 21,600 plus.  No way to tell as of this date how many will be released under mandatory supervision.  The reason some are being released because they are serving out which could be above the classification we can house.

Private Prisons-  It is the administration position that private prisons are not used.   I think at any given time there is 1200-1300 private inmates housed in prisons.  When FCDC  was closed many of those inmates were  sent your county jails.  Northpoint destruction has prolonged the administration’s ability to close the private prisons.  That 600 bed facility will have some impact on the private prisons.   Secretary has been up front and would like to get to a position where private prisons are not needed. There is a classification of inmate that would not be eligible for housing in county jails. All local jails are different so there may be some that can and some that cannot.  The Secretary is always available and his door is always open.

SAP Programs-  Need the help of the jailers to get more treatment beds.  The mental health community is gearing up to take a number of inmates who are non-violent but have a substance abuse problem.

Saving Money through electronic monitoring. -  Challenges that can be overcome will save counties money. 

Medicaid Rate-  Hard battle but was the right public policy to take.  Tough, almost killed the entire bill but was passed. Right thing to do.


1.        Mike Humphrey-  any county jail houses the same inmates that are classified later.

2.       District Judges complying with the bail credit?  Because of the separation of powers we cannot take away their discretion.  Some judges are more willing than others to abide by these rules.  Truly is a work in progress every day. Judges are across the board on their feeling for this bill.

3.       Jail Credit and Bail Credit are not achieving the desired result.   Need to figure out a situation that will work for all.

4.         We didn’t reclassify one felony to a misdemeanor.  To hear that is important.

5.       President Mike Simpson.  We all house the same type of inmates. New ideas.  Different size jails.  Physical size plans dictate what we can do. Tier system on how we can reimbursed for inmate.  If we had an established tier system. Something worth looking at.  What we are up against, our funding mechanisms are being attacked from all different angles.  Reduced bed allotment, reduction of inmate operations, fiscal courts. Elected officials who live in our communities?  We need help because our funding mechanisms are being attacked. Response:  one of the benefits of the bill, back fill jails that would otherwise not be there.   Based on savings there would be money for increase in bed allotment, technology.  Not sure what else counties could have gotten from this bill. Incentivizes the counties to ad

III.                Roll Call

a.       Members absent: Martha Knox (unexcused), David Osborne( excused), Chad Frizzell (excused)

IV.                Treasurer’s Report

a.       Changed banks to Rockcastle county

b.      Left money at the Campbell County Bank. Register

c.       Third page is operating expenses and fall conference.  Money market has $101,469.43.  Checking has $142,959.29

d.      CD’s totaling $99,544.94

e.      Total assests $343,973.66

f.        Motion to accept Ken Kells, Second by Joe Blue.  Motion carries

V.                  Inventory

VI.                Concerns with the equipment.  If you are in possession of equipment of KJA.  Between now and next Wednesday please write down what you have and bring it to the next board meeting.  Renee will check prices of local storage facilities.  Lets bring that information to get a good feel on what we have. 

VII.              Jailers Directory.  Order more books.  Give at least 2 for free. 

VIII.            Committee Reports

a.        Joe Blue: Training is set, hours have been set.  Tickets to training for raffle. Dollar amount.  Joe Blue makes a motion to $50 per class, very last class of the conference $500.  Second by Barry Brady. Motion carries.

b.      Brad Boyd:  By-laws committee.  For right now table the issue of raising dues.  See how are treasurers report is coming out.

c.       Don Hall- Scholarship:  Same guidelines as before, get information out at the beginning of year.

d.      Mike Humphrey- Jailer of the year.  Deputies nominate there jails.  Getting more than one vote from the same jail. The only person who has voting rights is the jailer.

e.      Ron Herrington- Deputy Jailer- no comments

f.        Barry Brady:  No nomination committee report.

g.       Donna Miller- Conference Report- Spending lots of time on the phone trying to get stories together.  91 Jailers registered.  113 Deputies, Spouses or other county.  33 vendors, 51 vendies, DOC sent in for 9.  269 Total.  $16,500 in sponsorships.   Two additional things from Vice President Buckler.  Unofficial golf outing on Tuesday, let Greg know if you are interested.  Tee time around 11:00 am.  Motion to approve for drinks for Board meeting at conference:  Terry Carl, Ron Herrington motion carries.  

IX.                New Business

a.       Fall Conference- Copies at registration so you can look at it. Vote next Wednesday at Business Meeting.

b.      Spouse Registration Tickets- Next Business Meeting.

c.       Brad McLean- Door is always open.

d.                              Strategic adviser’s report- had our first trial run.  Developed a PowerPoint presentation. Impressed with how Ron was able to generate a large crowd. Brad Boyd thought it was great and that we should keep it up.   Ron Herrington- total of 82 people there. Message was sent in a way that we did not slam anyone.   But that Henderson County was against private prisons.  We have to united stand against the private prisons and push the state to do something with them.  In my opinion, there may not be any state inmates in county jails. If you want us to come to your fiscal court, just let us know.   Devise a uniform letter of endorsements outlining our concerns.  You could take the letter to the fiscal court to adopt the letter.  Put the private prisons rally back on the agenda to discuss further next week.    It was brought to the Board’s attention by President Simpson, Renee Craddock and others that the attention we have received due to this presentation may not be positive.  Other Associations, Executive Branch Members, Legislative Branch Members and others have reached out and ask us to discuss this plan further.   This type of campaign may not be needed.  The board will further discuss the issue at the November 2 board meeting.

e.      Legislative Report- Will vote next week, see details on PowerPoint.

f.        Greg Buckler- makes a motion that anytime president is out we reimburse him for his cost.  Second by Brad Boyd. Motion carries.

X.                  Meeting adjourned at 5 after 12:00. Motion by Brad and Second by Ron Herrington. Motion Carries.





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