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NEWPORT – The Campbell County Detention Center hasn’t gone to the dogs, buy a highly-trained K-9 team has joined Jailer Greg Buckler’s staff.

“Layco”, a Belgian Shepherd, and his handler Bruce Markus, an experienced law enforcement officer and deputy jailer, are now working at the county detention center.

“A dog like Layco is a major deterrent,” said Markus, who spent 20 years with the Newport Police Department as the K-9 unit officer. “Sometimes an unruly inmate won’t respond to a jailer. But when he sees those teeth, he gets in line pretty quick.”

The Campbell County Fiscal Court approved the canine unit use policy last year. Markus, who also worked for years in a county jail in Florida, filled a position that was open through a retirement.

“Having an experienced handler like Bruce, who is also an experienced law enforcement officer and jailer, and a dog like Layco is a real benefit for the Campbell County Jail,” Buckler said. “Purchasing a new dog and sending an employee to training can cost $18,000 or more. It’s rare for a county jail to have a canine unit, so we’re thrilled and proud to be able to offer that service to the people of Campbell County.

Buckler said in addition to helping with inmate control, Layco is also trained to detect drugs and other illegal contraband smuggled into the jail.

“When Bruce was working for Newport, we used to have him bring his dog over to the jail, but we had to schedule it,” Buckler said. “Now, we don’t have to wait. Our deputies have Bruce and Layco whenever they need them.”


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