KJA Board Meeting Minutes August 14 2013

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Kentucky Jailers Association

Meeting Min

August 14, 2013

I.                    Called meeting to order at 9:55 am

II.                  Opening Prayer was given by Rick Wilson, new KJA Chaplian

III.               Roll Call:  Absent Members, Brad Boyd excused, Marry Hammonds (unexcused)

IV.               Approval of Minutes -   Skipped until next meeting

V.                  Rick Riley resigned; they named Phil Parker (former warden at the penitentiary)  the new County Jailer.

VI.               Motion by Hac Marcum, Second by Pendleton County. Motion Approved.

VII.             We have 20 lunch spots.

VIII.          Update on MAC-  Deputy Commissioner Holden – No new inmates have been transferred into Marion Adjustment Center, after July 1, DOC filled all their beds from MAC,  population on July 1 was 807, MAC count as of Tuesday was 374.   Began last week sending some inmates out to the jails.  This week we will start moving SAP inmates.  SAP inmates at MAC will go to SAP jail beds.   Moving 30 out of Roeder to jails.   You will be getting individuals from other institutions to make room.   Numbers to illustrate that.   June 606 pulled in. In July there were 313.   Bringing in male inmates who are eligible for CC program.  Classified 652 in June for CC.   Classified 847 for CC.   Estimate that 1000 jail classification this month.   BE SURE TO REQUEST INMATES ON THURSDAY REPORT>  DOC will try to evenly distribute across all the jails that have open beds.  50 a week for the next 4 weeks.

a. How do you determine who gets what inmates?  They go through the list alphabetically, once everybody has 3 they restart at the top of the list.   We do not start at the top until we get through everybody.

b. Is there any consideration given to programs at the different facilities?  We have tried to place the offenders as close to home as possible.

c. If somebody gets 5 for the SAP program that will be their 5.

d.  We are in the process of totally revamping our training.   Cmsr. Holden will be calling on some on you to help.

e. PREA -  We do have the moss group come from DC.  We did train the trainers for PREA.   Some of the big systems are going to do it.   If you read Sec. 181 to not do PREA.   Fayette Co will not do the audit.

f. Tracy Reed is retiring effective end of this month.  August 26 in Madisonville.

IX. Treasuer’s report – skipped over

X.  Committee Reports:

A.  Training Cmte: Joe Blue (Chair),  David Osborne, Terry Carl, Joani Clark, Rick Wilson, Cindy Walker

B.  Scholarship Committee:  Don Hall (Chair), Danny Allen, Roger Ford, Eric Jones

C. Nomination Cmte:  Barry Brady ( Chair), Ken Kells, Terry Elder

D. Jailer of the Year:  Michael Humphries, Jerry Webb, Hack Marcum, Cindy Walker

E. Deputy Jailer of the Year:  Eric Jones (Chair) Eric Vaughn, Rodney  Ballard

F.  By-Laws: Jamie Mosley (Chair), Matt Mutter, Eric Vaughn, Eric Jones

XI.  Fall Conference -  188 sleep nights. Be sure to ask surrounding jailers if they are coming.  Be more proactive.  Meals are selected, Keeneland trip on Thursday.

XII.  We need to add to our agenda, substance abuse withdraw symptoms.

XIII. PREA – Louisville Metro and State Corrections applied for a grant.  Funding for the next 2 years to hire full time PREA coordinator and trainer, part of the funding includes through the state of Kentucky.  More to follow at the fall conference.



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