KJA Board Meeting Minutes February 20, 2014

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Kentucky Jailers Association Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes: February 20, 2014


1. Call to order at 3:29pm

2. Prayer by Rick Wilson

3. Roll Call: excused members include Berry Brady, Rodney Ballard, David Osborne, Absent: Mary Hammons

- Motion by Mike Simpson, second by Ken to call Mary Hammons and speak about her resignation letter. Motion carries.

4. Approval of Minutes: Motion by Hack, second by Danny. Motion carries.

5. Treasurer Report: Motion carries

6. Committee Reports:

- Nomination: Nomination forms will be sent out Mid-April, presidents position and sergeant of arms position open.

- By Laws: Need to clarify the language on the past Presidents position.

7. Medicaid/Medicare Update: Joe Blue

8. Legislative Updates: Renee Craddock

- Mike Simpson proposes: restore all budget cuts. Ken Calls motions, Ricky Pernell seconds. Motion carries.

- Motion to endorse the resolution: 13 in favor, 9 opposed.

- Want to rewrite the resolution to say that the KJA endorses to let the people decide.

9. New Business:

10. Old Business:

11. Member Concerns:

12. Board Meetings: Hold 2 dates in March for potential meetings. Monday, March 17. Monday, March 24.

13. Meeting was adjourned at 5:04


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