KJA Annual Business Meeting Minutes June 24, 2014

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Kentucky Jailers Association

Annual Business Meeting Minutes

June 24, 2014


Call to Order at 4:00 pm
  1. Roll Call – Ricky Parnell was unexcused absence

  2. The Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance by Chaplain Rick Wilson

  3. 2015 Summer Conference Proposal were discussed.  After much discussion the majority ruled that the 2016 will be at the Crown Plaza in Louisville, Kentucky.

  4. Treasurer’s Report was given by Jailer Brad Boyd, Jailer Bobby Waits and the members of the Audit Committee gave a full report.   There was a motion by Jamie Mosley and a Second by Eric Vaughn to accept the report and motion carried.   The audit committee suggested that it was time to do a comprehensive outside audit of the KJA.    The members directed Renee Craddock to speak with an outside auditing firm and get their suggestions.

  5. Fall Conference Registration Fee: The vendor registration fee was set at $400 for the fall conference with a motion by Jailer Hack Marcum and a second by Jailer Eric Vaughn the motion carried.    The member registration fee was set at $150 for the jailers and $100 for the deputy jailers.  A motion by Roger Ford and a Second by Joe Blue.  Motion Carried.  Jackie Strode made the motion to exempt new jailers from paying a registration fee, Jamie Mosley seconded the motion and the motion failed.

  6. By-Laws – The by laws committee made there report.   Change 1 included registration fee changes. A motion was made by Ed Prindle and seconded by Hack Marcum the motion carried.

    Change 2 added the immediate past president to the Executive Board of Directors.   A motion was made by Eric Vaughn and a second by Jackie Strode, motion carried.  Change 3 simply stated that all twenty members of the Kentucky Jailers Association shall be elected to serve as the Board of Directors on an annual basis.   A motion by Barry Brady and a second by Eric Jones, motion carried.  Lastly, a new section was added addressing concerns of endorsing candidates in your official role with the KJA.  There was a motion by Danny Allen, a second by Bobby Waits, motion carried.   The updated bylaws will be posted on the KJA website.


    VIII. Other Business – Members of the KJA suggested that we look at spending money to bring in speakers to the fall conferences.    Other members encouraged the body to take a more pro-active stance legislatively and pass more bills that would help the local facilities throughout the state and not always be on the offensive.


  1. Mike Simpson read the names of the Jailers seeking election to the Board in 2014.

  2. President Candidates Mike Simpson and Joani Clark gave their pre-elections speeches to the entire membership.

  3. The meeting was adjourned.


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