Tentative KJA Board Meeting Minutes March 16, 2015

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Board Meeting Agenda

March 16, 2015




  • Call Meeting To Order at 1:00 pm

  • Opening Prayer – Given by Jailer Barry Harmon

  • Pledge of Allegiance

  • Roll Call – Excused Matt Mutter, Michael Humphrey, Terry Carl, Jamie Mosley, Benji Guill.

  • Approval of Minutes- Motion by Eric Vaughn, Second by Erin Jones Motion Carries

  • Treasurer Report – Passed Over

        -    Committee Reports

                      A. Training-Jamie Mosley – Jailer Mosley was out of town.  Donna needs training committee and training by May 1.   Joani Clark suggested that their be a training for the deputies during a class at the summer conference.

                      B. Scholarship-Danny Allen – All agencies listed in the directory have been mailed hard copies.   Also the applications and qualifications are on the website.  So far we only have one nomination.

                      C. Nomination-Barry Brady – Mailing for the nomination form will go out the first of April.  Deadline will be May 15.  Will also ask Ed to put it on the website.  Joe Blue announced that he would not be seeking the position of Vice President.   This is his last term, as Jailer and he would like for someone else to take over the position.  Brad Boyd announced that he will not be seeking the position of Treasurer and will be seeking the Vice Presidents position.  

                      D. Jailer of the Year-Cindy Walker – The second form is due this Thursday.   The third and final mailing will be sent out.  Bobby Waits asked that in the future the reasons for nomination would be nice.  

                      E. Deputy Jailer of the Year-Eric Jones- We have not received any deputy jailers of the year applications. 

                      F. By Laws-Eric Vaughn – we are looking at changes to the office of the treasures.

                      G. Audit-Joani Clark - They talked to an auditor about good points.  Bond everyone who is handling the money; get a pledge of securities.

             Jailers running their own canteens or the family members being vendors

             Books not showing enough money in the canteen accounts.

             Separate bank accounts for canteen.

             Inmate money return;

             County Attorney can tell you what meets the definition on what you can and cannot spend your canteen money for.


                      H. Conference-Donna Miller- In order to get the discount it has to be turned by May 15.  Your conference badges must be visible in order to enter any KJA functions.   Please talk to all your vendors that you use at your facility and encourage them to participate in the vending booth.  Curriculum committee,       


  • Jail Standard Update – Next meeting in March 31 at 8:30 am

  • Legislative Update-Renee Craddock-   Renee discussed SB 184 (closed jail jailer bill) and SB 192 ( heroin bill).  She also discussed the Public Relations firm offensive strategy by getting two local stories on jails a week.  Montgomery and Simpson County will go first.  She also updated the board regarding contact information for the Kentucky Jailers Association.  Our mailing address is PO Box 4031, Frankfort, KY 40604.  The phone number to the Kentucky Jailers Association is (859) 904-9223.

  • Board Meetings

                  The next time and date of the KJA Board meeting was not set. 

  • Adjournment      - The Board of Directors meeting adjourned at 3:15 pm.


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